Flughafen München

The tedious process of air travel might simply be considered unavoidable overhead, dictated by airport security protocols and the globe-spanning distances covered by routine international flights. Distances that are rendered frightningly inconsequential by the speed and endurance of modern airliners.

Air travel in its current form is highly non-sustainable. There is scarcely a human activity that can rival the emissions released in such a short duration as an international airline flight. High up in the featureless stratosphere and isolated from the enormous forces of transonic flight in an air-conditioned aluminum tube, we are removed from all reference points that could give a sense of the energy levels involved in this mode of transport. While efficiency-enhancing technological advances can certainly compensate to a degree, there are limits dictated by the physics of propelling aircraft by burning fossil fuels.

By far the most effective way to curb emissions is to fly less, individually. There is no way around this unfortunately. Consciously appreciating the fact that these amazing systems do exist, accessible to most, is my most basic safeguard against taking them for granted. Air travel is a luxury we could be more deliberate about. For this reason, I choose to intensely enjoy the process of being in transit.

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