weekly re-calibration

Camera on, brain off. 45 minutes of respite from conscious thinking. Escape to the immediate, purely physical world.

With a flick of a mental switch, inter-subjective realities are temporarily robbed of power, my concerns extend no further than the opaque white walls that surround me. Ideas are formulated not through language but at a much lower level in visual terms. Layers and layers of abstraction are stripped away, allowing the creative mind to operate uninhibited in this effortless, intuitive mode.

In the absence of a higher level of control, the closed loop of input, deliberate processing and finally output is short circuited: I’m changing position and manipulating settings without thinking and in direct response to the stimuli resulting from light and dark, patterns and textures. I think it’s more than just an attempt to map three-dimensional space onto a two-dimensional frame, perhaps it’s a lower level of consciousness looking out for me, indicating a need for mental re-calibration, a natural grounding mechanism of sorts?