Snapshots from Milan

Wandering through Milan last October, I was struck by the quality of the light presented to the flâneur. Reflecting off the smooth marble and sandstone facades, the rays are imbued with a rich golden hue that seeps into every nook and cranny, thoroughly bathing the street scenes in this warm glow. Quite the departure from Berlin, where autumn is marked by chasing the elusive traces of fading light among steely blue shadows.

I’ve come to the realization that, for me, traveling and by extension travel photography is less about the specific attractions of a foreign place, and more a chance to appreciate volatility and variations in sensory input. Reinvigorated with a greater appreciation for these basic experiences, the distance I need to travel before it feels like a new and exciting place has decreased greatly – if the lighting conditions are good I find it right outside my front door.

I hesitated showing any photos from this trip because no album I assembled seemed complete or convincing for whatever theme or intent I wanted to show. The reasons are obvious, a weekend is no time at all to tell the story of a city. So passing off the images for something they weren’t just didn’t feel right to me. It seemed prudent to obey that resistance and not post anything until I resolved this unease. A kind of natural output filter I guess. It took me an embarrassingly long time and multiple attempts at this task before recognizing the obvious: what I did capture is an accurate representation of my first impression, described above, no more and no less. Please enjoy the images for what they are.